"Welcome to UpGrade Children's Center"

We offer an adventure based recreation program for kindergartens through fifth grade. Located just outside of Half Moon Bay we are close to many great spots for children to explore and have fun.

About Us

At UpGrade Children’s Center we let kids be messy, adventurous kids. After sitting in school all day we believe it is vital children get outside and explore the world. Along the stunning Half Moon Bay Coastside kids run, play, hike, sift, excavate, build, research, swim, and dig. While engaging in these fun activities, children also build strength and confidence, improve motor and cognitive skills, nurture relationships, enhance social awareness, and develop an appreciation for nature.

After School Program

UpGrade Children’s Center is an outdoor adventure based recreation program for children in K-5. Located just north of Half Moon Bay we take full advantage of the incredible hidden spots located throughout the Coastside. We offer daily local excursions, arts and crafts, active games, reading and homework assistance. From beach to hillside to forest children explore, learn, play, and most importantly have tons of fun.

Coastal Adventures Summer Camp

Want your child to have the summer of a lifetime? Look no further than our Coastal Adventures Summer Camp. Every day we head out to explore a new fantastic Bay Area location. Whether its heading to the beach, Golden Gate Park, or Great America you can bet the kids are having a blast!

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