"Welcome to UpGrade Children's Center"

We offer an adventure based recreation program for kindergartens through fifth grade. Located just outside of Half Moon Bay we are close to many great spots for children to explore and have fun.

About Us

We feel kids need to be kids. Get messy, be adventurous and have as fun as possible. While having a blast something else is happening. Children will build confidence, improve motor and cognitive skills, and enhance their social awareness.

After School Program

UpGrade Children’s Center is an alternative after-school program for the coast-side schools. We offer daily outdoor adventures, arts & crafts and active games for children K-5.

Coastal Adventures Summer Camp

Children need to have fun during their summer vacation. At Coastal Adventures that will happen. You will love to hear the stories and experiences your child will bring home each afternoon.

Multi Media Bar

Claire enjoying sunset.

We’re loving this beach weather at upgrade....

Claire at sunset

We’re loving this beach weather at...

Claire enjoying sunset

We’re loving these beach days at...

Jake busy cleaning our beaches

Go Jake Go!

Panning for “gold” at Long Branch Saloon

An upgrade favorite.

Hotdogs, smores and fun

Another good afternoon at Upgrade

All kids (including Jon) love the secret blowhole.

It only works on the right tide and swell.

Conner stuck in the Princeton “quick sand”

Good luck getting out.

The harbor to a perfect place to catch purple shell crabs

The harbor to a perfect place to catch purple shell crabs. Children use fish, twine, nets...